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Government Jobs 2021 provides you with the latest public job listings to help candidates apply. also provides notifications of upcoming public service positions and public service positions in your area.

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CDPO Vacancy – Child Development Project Officer

What is a Child Development Project Officer ? Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) is an official responsible for the implementation of the integrated children’s development block-level (ICDS), the superior scheme of the Ministry of Women and the development of children, the Government of India. CDPO plays a key role in overseeing the implementation of theContinue reading “CDPO Vacancy – Child Development Project Officer”

Assistant Audit Officer Eligibility

Students applying for LIC 2022 recruitment must be aware of the Assistant Audit Officer Eligibility and Assistant Audit Officer eligibility criteria. The post describes all and education Assistant Audit Officer eligibility and age limit criteria. Check the and Assistant Audit Officer eligibility criteria for this publication to determine if you are Assistant Audit Officer eligibilityContinue reading “Assistant Audit Officer Eligibility”


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